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Color-coded keys:
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What is the KeyRight
Look & Learn
Typing Solution?
The Look & Learn Typing Solution is a standard QWERTY keyboard that has been color coded to identify the finger-key zones for touch typing.

Simply by using the KeyRight Look & Learn Typing Solution you will develop the correct motor skills, muscle memory and hand-eye coordination for fast, accurate and safe typing.
So how do I use it?

Its Easy! Just follow these simple steps.
Step 1 - Throw away that old keyboard!

Your new color-coded keyboard can easily replace your standard keyboard. It works just like a regular keyboard and fits any computer or laptop, but with the added benefit of having colored keys so you can match your fingers to the right keys.

Step 2 - USB Connection is easy!

Just plug your new keyboard straight into the USB socket on your computer or laptop and you're ready to go.
Step 3 - No Software Required!

The great thing about the Keyright keyboard is that you can still learn simply by following the colors on each key, without the need to install any software.
Step 4 - Now you're ready to supercharge your learning experience.

Install the easy-to-use software on to your computer and Hey presto!, you have your very own Typing Tutor. Just follow the steps in the program and you're on your way to becoming a touch typist within 6 hours.
Why is our typing method so easy to learn?
Color coding:
  • By using color coding on the standard QWERTY keyboard your mind will naturally make color associations, and you will quickly learn which fingers use the appropriate letter, number and symbol keys. For example, the left-hand pinky finger uses all the red keys, and the right-hand pinky uses pink keys.
  • Just plug it in and use it continuously, learning to touch type is simple with the KeyRight Look & Learn Typing Solution.
  • For more information, please visit our R&D page.

Research & Development

Studies show:
  • University trials showed that the Look & Learn Typing Solution is up to 192% more effective for learning to touch type than a regular keyboard.
  • Even without using the included software, the Look & Learn keyboard will naturally teach you to touch type.
  • And using the software will teach you even FASTER! 6 hours, guaranteed!
Students halve the time to learn typing

The Look and Learn Typing Solution's innovative approach eliminates excessive amounts of staff time and resources.

For the student, efficient learning means less strain on their attention span and more time to devote to class activities.

Combines typing practice with regular teaching activities

The Look & Learn Typing Solution allows the student to continue their practice while using other programs such as Microsoft Word or even the internet.

Teachers and students are also able to "cut-and-paste" to customize the content of the custom typing sessions. Using this feature, teachers can teach - and test - typing skills by using their own spelling lists or passages from literature.

Voice feedback for auditory learning assists learning language

KeyRight's Look & Learn Typing Solution will benefit "English as a Second Language" (ESL) students, as all phonemes, words and sentences are voiced, so that students learn spelling, grammar and syntax while they learn to type.

The audio feedback function allows students to hear the words and sentences as they are typed and this assists the student in understanding correct pronunciation. This unique function can increase students word-power, vocabulary and communication skills as they are learning to touch type.

Minimizes the risk of keyboard injury

The Look & Learn Typing Solution is designed to minimize the risk of keyboard injuries like RSI by providing proper instruction on safe keyboard and computer use.

Caters to the ability of any student

The Look & Learn Typing Solution can be structured to fit the learning abilities of any student regardless of their age group or ability by selecting the tasks that are appropriate to their level of learning.
The Look & Learn Typing Tutor software:
  • Innovative method designed and tested by psychologists, trainers and consultants.
  • Based on Key-Finger Groups of the QWERTY keyboard, not Home Keys.
  • Designed to be interactive with the KeyRight Keyboard, unleash its full potential.
  • Avoids confusion by using only everyday words and syllables not nonsense exercises.
  • Combines learning with fun.
  • Uses only positive multimedia feedback techniques.
  • Designed to minimize awkward keystrokes, performance anxiety and the risk of injury.
  • Treats you like an adult after the basic lessons you choose your own lessons.
  • Touch typing skills can be attained in an average of 4-6 hours.
View information about this patented technology

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